More Than Just a Gym

F3 is a place where life gets better. We move forward together in our commitment to our faith, family, and fitness.


At F3 we plan workouts that you use in your everyday life. Training muscles to work together, our workouts help you carry all the grocery bags inside, pick up your toddler, or unload the truck. With a broad focus on weight lifting, metabolic conditioning, and cardio instead of one specific movement, you’ll be ready for more than just a 5K.


The foundation of everything we do, we don’t leave our faith at the door. Using scripture to motivate our actions both in the gym and outside it, we believe in equipping our gym family with tools physically and spiritually.  Count on clean music to workout to, and you can even join us for bible study each week!


We know your world revolves around your family; ours does, too. Bring your kids to the gym with you to wiggle out some of that energy in child care or your best friend to do a partner workout with. We would love to walk with you through the curve balls life has to offer, and we’ll sweat it out together!


When you join us at F3 we plan the workouts for you. We’ll make sure you’re working the right muscle groups on the right day. Show up and the results will, too. A trainer oversees each workout and is available for questions, modifications, and encouragement the entire time you’re here.

Proven Results

With my job as a project manager for a construction company, I’m pretty active but F3 has really shown me that there are lots of areas of fitness. Adding extra cardio and strength training just furthers my healthy lifestyle. 

Alan Roberts

My family is so thankful for F3! Of course, weʼve seen physical improvements in our body composition, but itʼs so much more than that. And because F3 offers childcare, my husband and I are able to work out together and have developed some great friendships with other couples our age.

Kalee Moore

A lot of people are shocked when they hear that I’m a member at F3. They think that this type of exercise is impossible for someone my age. With the trainer’s attention to detail, they customize and scale the workout to meet my abilities and I love it.

Sonny Massengale

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